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Black Women in Business

Posted by Tempest Moore on

Cleneisha Dortch,  Owner-Heirlume Couture Cleneisha,  it's an honor to meet with you. Please tell us about your brand and how long you have been in business for yourself.  

The name of my business is Heirlume Couture. I have been in business for 4 years. Heirlume Couture offers Luxury Resort Wearables. We are a clothing line for men, women and non-binary.

I started sewing when I was 10 years old, from there my ideas and inspiration to be a designer just took off. I would cut up and redesign the old clothes my parents gave me. Then, I would put on fashion shows for my family using my cousins as models.

When I got to college, I believed this was when everything came full circle. I had plenty of retail experience under my belt, I had basic sewing classes, and also the determination to pursue designing. I was young and at that time reality hadn't crushed my dreams. HA

That is amazing! Where would you like to see Heirlume Couture in 5 years?

I would love to see Heirlume Couture in New York Fashion and Paris Fashion Week; both places are on my vision board and look at it every morning first thing. I can also see Heirlume inside of Nieman Marcus. I feel like the brand has the appeal and luxury radiance featured in their store already. This would be BOMB! 

What is something that being in business for yourself has taught you?

You have to hustle and stay consistent! Having a vision is nothing when you can't work through it to bring it to life. There is a popular saying that "the DREAM is free, the HUSTLE is sold separately". I've had moments when I completely stopped sewing for months on end. My account would drop and now I'm left scrambling to produce iconic yet sellable looks. Imagine the creations I could have made if I would have kept to my grind.

Contact Information: 

Instagram: Instagram.com/heirlumecouture

Facebook: Heirlumecouture



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