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Black Women In Business

Posted by Tempest Moore on

Alicia Shy, ModelHi Alicia! Thank you for sitting down with Black Girl Society! Can you please tell us who you are and about your business?

My name is Alicia Shy and I am a model and influencer. I have been a model for three years.

I started modeling at a young age and have always have been photogenic. I also in my tween years competed in the National American Miss Pageants. For a while I stopped to focus on finishing school. 

At the time I decided to get back into modeling, I was dating a photographer who was also very creative and that’s what inspired me to do it[modeling]. At that time I was so nervous about being in front of the camera it terrified me. After a short while I got the confidence to go for a bigger dream and move to Dallas. It’s honestly crazy how the opportunity came about but I was not thinking twice before I made the big move. I will say I am thankful I was smart enough to know how important networking is in business and seeing as that I represented myself I had to learn to be comfortable with my skills . Letting people know I’m new to this but true this, I was willing to put in work. And before you know it, I was meeting people who were ready to work with me. Photographers always told me I was a natural and boosted my confidence to keep going and really learn my craft. My first love has been the fashion industry and that’s what inspired me to start modeling and now influencing on all my platforms.

Your story is so inspiring! Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself flourishing in the direction I’m currently working on, which is my personal branding agency. Learning how to maneuver in business I’d say is about 20% of what you need. The other 80% is knowing what your brand is and knowing how to express it.
It took me some time personally to get it right lol. But I never give up trying new ways to reach my audience. And I continue the journey of growth. And while doing so I see my agency expanding as I bring people along to begin their personal journey of branding themselves. Personal brand is key for entrepreneurship of any kind . And that I realize by all of the great people I have connected with.
What has one thing that business has taught you?
Business has definitely taught me many pros and cons. You have to be flexible in so many ways because it’s not an easy market. Doesn’t matter what you pursue as far as what your business; you have to know that adaptation is so key. Business is always changing so definitely know where you want to go and be ready for ups and downs; always be ready.
Contact Information:
Instagram: @prettygirlboss
Email: lisa.styles.you@gmail.com



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